Children and Families

Traditional Food

  • Canned and frozen fish provided for children in care residing in Alternative Care homes when available
  • Bannock lessons occur with clients and their new Caregivers
  • Sharing of traditional recipes and food preservation that is shared with Alternative Care homes and community members
  • Scheduled outings for harvesting food, medicine and fibrous material


  • Scheduled visitations are extended for children in care with their biological parents and families during Christmas
  • Scheduled summer holidays are planned with biological parents and or extended family or Caregivers to take children


Gathering Our Voices

  • Hosted within the Secwepemc Territory
  • During Spring Break March 16-19, 2019
  • Opening Ceremony, Talent Showcase, Dance Party


  • Ten sessions for youth age 9-12 years of age
  • Ten participants with two facilitators
  • Focus will be healthy eating, daily tasks, role models, feelings chart

Girl Power

  • Ten sessions for youth age 9-12 years of age
  • Fifteen -twenty participants with two facilitators
  • Focus will be healthy eating, daily tasks, role models, feelings chart

Sports and Recreation

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball



  • Last Thursday of each month
  • Rotate location within six affiliated Nlaka’pamux communities
  • Canvas Alternative homes within communities

Traditional Teachings

  • Incorporate into daily practice
  • Create access to Nlaka’pamux culture for children in care
  • Assist with decisions about what’s in the child’s best interest
  • Guiding principles that preserve cultural identity
  • Rites of Passage ceremonies call on community members to assist



  • Ongoing to find homes that will treat and care with dignity and respect


  • Basic First Aid
  • Special Needs


  • Caregivers provided with breaks for 1-2 days per month

Life Books

  • Photos and mementos are saved by Caregiver
  • Recites a life story for children in care


  • Child in care has dinner with Case Manager and Alternative Caregivers
  • Meet with the child in their own environment
  • Occurs quarterly


Movie Nights

  • Counsellors and spiritual healers are present
  • Connect the youth with local service providers
  • External service provides are present

Fit Nation

  • Scheduled weekly workout
  • Open to all


Culture Camp

  • ONLINE Culture Camp Registration Form
  • Kumsheen Rafts & Kayaks
  • Community long canoes
  • Language and games
  • Nlaka’pamux Nation Tribal Council Annual Hunt & Fish Camp
  • >Participation for children in care and their biological families to partake in scheduled hunting and fishing expeditions

Community Support Services

  • Naming Ceremonies
  • Baptisms
  • Language and games
  • > External service providers are present to share knowledge and practices
  • Traditional Drum Making


In addition to child protection, Nlha’7kapmx Child and Family Services plan for culturally based prevention and family support programs, in order that children at risk can remain at home while the family receives the help it needs for long term success. Prevention and family support services are intended to provide options to families which will keep children in their own homes, while the family receive the supports they need.

Boarder prevention and family support programs will provide an outreach component to the whole community: children, youth and parents. A wide range of activities will be created and implemented that focus on sports, traditional arts and practices and camps that are culturally based on Nlaka’pamux teachings.

A culturally-based prevention approach will build on the strengths of Nlaka’pamux traditional practices which incorporate extended family members, youth, Elders and community leaders into decision making when children and families are at risk. Services will range from one-to-one workers to organized community activities.