About Us


a) Nlha’7kapmx Child & Family Services Society is committed to providing the highest standard of service to its children, families and community, and as such is committed to corporate and individual behaviors that uphold the vision and guiding principles of our organization.

b) Our Vision communicates our commitment to the service we will provide to our children, families and our communities: “We honor the inherent strength of our Nlha’7kapmux families and communities by providing holistic services guided by cultural values and traditions.”

c) Our Guiding Principles help us in our daily operations:

  • Cultural Values & Traditions: We will ensure that our cultural values and traditions are maintained through our services.
  • Respect: We respect the integrity of the family. We foster a respectful work environment.We respect the children and families of whom we serve.We value and respect community input and participation.We respect the teachings of our elders.
  • Education: We will promote the education and well-being of our families by providing appropriate and quality services.
  • Advocacy: We will advocate on behalf of our children and families.
  • Communication: We promote open, honest and respectful communication.
  • Accountability: We will ensure that we are accountable to the children and families whom we serve and the communities we work with.
  • Healthy Staff & Board: We will ensure that we, as Staff and Board, present ourselves as role models in a healthy and respectful manner.

Board of Directors