About Us


Board of Directors

Vision: Ensuring Nlha’7kapmx children and their families have equitable opportunities to grow up safely at home, be healthy, achieve their dreams, celebrate their language and culture and be proud of who they are.

Mission: Nlha’7kapmx Child and Family Services Society will provide holistic services that embrace the cultural beliefs, values and traditions of our families and communities.

Values: Our Guiding Principles help us serve our children, families, communities and stakeholders:

Cultural Values, Language & Traditions: We ensure that our Nlha’7kapmx cultural values, language and traditions are maintained throughout our services.

Respect: We respect the integrity of the family. We foster a respectful work environment. We serve, respect and support the children and families in our communities. We value and respect community input and participation. We respect the teachings of our elders.

Education: We will promote appropriate, quality services through education for the well-being of our families.

Advocacy: We will advocate in the best interests of our children and families.

Communication: We promote open, honest and respectful communication at all levels.

Accountability: We will do our best to provide services to the members of the affiliated communities.

Healthy Staff & Board: We will present ourselves as role models in a healthy and respectful manner.